At NASA, we make Air and Space available for everyone.

What am I missing in the last line with returning the mints?

I like that NASA takes the time to respond which makes you wonder what they actually do there. Entertaining ideas to future space engineers that want to make money sounds like a full time job at NASA. I like the 2 $ signs around the rocket in the sketch.

Then you have to wonder how funny the original letter was. It couldn’t have been written seriously but the idea of sending rockets into outer space with a shit load of Coke and Mentos is genius. Notice the ? of how big the Diet Coke bottle may have to be.

He is smart to belittle NASA telling them that the job is so easy a chimp can do it . A hillbilly sending rockets into space with soda and breath fresheners is telling you your job is a cake walk. Incredible.

The Buzz Lightyear is pushing the envelope a little bit, but if they read that far, might as well try for a home run. I see the resemblance.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen this letter so I’m sorry that it’s 8 years old. I’m more interested in the comedic angle and why I find it funny. It’s picking the target, having a hilariously simple idea pitched to geniuses, and then treating them as idiots.

The NASA response is clever. No doubt. Standard, high IQ, NASA roast. That original letter though is a work of art. I think not being able to see it is what makes this all the better. Just figured I’d share it.