After hitting a tee shot on hole 3 I said, “Adam, you’ve been finding a lot of fairways.” This led to me saying “Finding Fairways” would be a good name for a podcast. Bud said to make it PH for a local flavor. Adam said he would be the host and I could be the co-host.

Are we any less qualified than others in making a podcast? Bud gave the viewpoint that people truly care about the personalities and how entertaining it is compared to how good you are at golf to be successful.

For me, I want to hear opinions of golfers who are far better players than me. Hearing a 20 handicap offer a Masters pick is useless. Hearing Colt Knost and the Drew Stoltz interview Rickie Fowler is 100x more entertaining. Which means that we’d have to create a spin that separates it from others.

What Would Make the Podcast

Local would be key with a target audience of medium to high handicappers trying to improve their game. If local people know the course that you are describing, they will have more interest. Another plus would be that more average golfers shoot in the 90’s than in the 70’s, so the audience in how to approach the game to get better is also more relatable.

This would be a topic segment. On hole 11 at Middletown, Bud hit his 5 wood from 200+ that was heading into the greenside left rough, with a slight fade, that seemingly landed in bounds. We couldn’t locate the ball and Bud took a drop in an unfavorable lie. As he put it, since he was already taking a drop in an easier position (I think he was avoiding a tree), he felt the drop in a bad lie evened out. He ended up skulling one past and then 4 putting for an 8. The podcast topic would be how the decision played out and would we all agree on having to take a bad lie on a drop for a ball that no one actually thought went out of bounds. He was already taking the stroke as a penalty, why take the extra hard drop? Are we so strict that we always take unfavorable drops?

Another topic could be on hole 5, Evan couldn’t find his ball we all thought landed in and didn’t take a stroke. He duffed a chip, walked up 10 yards and found his original ball plugged IN BOUNDS. By reasoning that all balls that can’t be found should be a penalty stroke, Evan would have been at a disadvantage. As such, after duffing his dropped ball and finding his original, does the duffed chip shot get forgiven? I think it has to. As the Wads and I agreed though, the golf gods rule evenly and evening out will occur down the road.

Do I think there is an audience for a Podcast like this? I think it’s a better premise than similar garbage out there. Bringing in guests stories where Bud played with an assistant pro at Blue Bell who raised his driver before every tee shots could be informational. I think with a deeper thought into what is worthwhile content, it may not be a terrible idea.

Finally, these types of idea have very little chance of success unless you can devote time to it. That’s what I’m learning is at a premium. How many different projects can I do when I have job that requires 40 hours a week minimum? This comes along with the confidence that I can make any project succeed with hard work which also has some fallacy to it. Either way, I thought enough about it to make a blog post and put the idea to the massive audience. We increased our subscribed audience from 3 to 4 over the weekend!