I’m moving in August. Here’s my list of priorities when finding a new place:

Covy & Melon

This sounds stupid, but I feel bad for Covy and Melon currently. This place is a little smaller than I want for them (like ~800sqft). Will they survive? Of course. But Covy needs more space to get away from Melon. And there’s no fresh air. Zero. The windows don’t open.


I work in Old City, but want to be closer to the SRT for running purposes. In my head I consider like 12th and Chestnut as the middle and I’m okay going a mile or two in any direction from there. How ‘bad’ of an area is okay?


I currently pay $1600. I’m not a stickler for price, but as you’ll see below, $2600 for a 750 sqft one bed feels like a lot…

So what am I looking at?

The very first place I toured was the Riverwalk, a hip new building literally on the river at 23rd and Arch. It has a gym, pool, a giant Giant on the first floor, and a great view. But the literal apartment, aside from the view, is standard. About 750 sqft (not Covy’s favorite). And the price is $2600. Which is a lot.

Next, I was at Tony and Richie’s at 15th and Wallace. The apartment beneath them is available. A 1250 sqft two bedroom for $1700. Covy and Melon would LOVE this. There are stairs to the master bed (Melon would LOVE stairs I think), a room I could dedicate to them with their litterbox, it’d be great. 15th and Wallace isn’t necessarily a ‘good’ area, but $900 less feels significant.

Then Julia helped me and sent me an email with a bunch of reasonable places that made Riverwalk feel unnecessary.

So I’m on the hunt. Please send all places my way. Think cats first, location second, and price third.