A Special Game

Reggie was a black hole. Larry & George’s hand eye was suspect. JoJo played more like rugby, and Robert was the best player. It was only to 12 and the score finished 12-0. I had 12 points, 37 rebounds, 0 assists, and at least 15 blocks. I lost count.

This fairy tale is not acceptable in 2019. People have stopped laughing.

Here’s a more appropriate title for this post.

Golfing With 5 Handicap’s

Yesterday I played golf at the club and paired with a single. He had already hit and I teed up a 3 wood. I hit one OB right and then another one down the middle about 200 yards. My ball was about 30 yards behind the guy, Alex. I hit up to the green and he hits a shot with this upward lining trajectory and the divot traveled 20 yards. I said, “are you are 5 handicap?” He said, “6”.

I haven’t played with golfer’s of this caliber often so I was going to treat this round as a learning process. On 1, I asked him what degree club he chipped with. A mishit off the tee on 3 carded me +4. On 5, I hit a tee shot 4 inches behind the ball. Embarrassing isn’t the word, and it’s not that I’m trying to impress him, it’s more trying to improve at golf. I tell him that I’m not great at hitting the ball with consistency and I notice how he stays down on the ball making tremendous contact even from the rough. So he’s riding me up the hill (I walked) and he says, “do you want me to help you?” “Yes.”

He said that my swing goes off plane immediately and once that happens, there’s hardly any chance of recovery. If I tried a ABC, it would be good practice. I pared 7. Bogeyed 8. Pared 9.

At 10, another single, who knew Alex, asked to join and now we had a trio. This guy, with no warm up, hits a 3 wood left and then hits this beautiful draw from about 210 to 15 feet. Now I’m watching some golf. I went bogey, par (sand save), bogey, bogey on the next 4.

On hole 14, another member joined the group and was referred to as “sneaky”. These guys had all played with each other before in tournaments or the men’s league. Scott was about 60 and dropped a 40 foot putt on the first hole I played with him to save par. Sneaky. Sneaky.

On 18, I had a putt to shoot the low round of my Woodcrest career from about 6 feet. I missed it and ended up with a 90.

Would I have shot a 90 by myself? No chance. I write the details of this post because they’re important (to me). To improve at an activity, an open mind and learning from people better than you is imperative. This guy gave me one simple tip that improved my swing plane and eliminated duffed shots for the rest of the round. I felt good and walked away with knowledge that I won’t forget for the rest of my life.