I only write running posts when I’m optimistic or just ran a REALLY bad race.

I’ve run 56 miles in the last 7 days. That is the most I’ve done in FOUR years. Pretty much every mile has been easy.

Short-term I plan to build up to 60-70 MPW and peak for Broad Street. Maybe even a half marathon around the same time. The goal is to break 55 (54? (53??)). If everything goes well a full could be in play for the fall.

What’s different this time around; Another year under my belt? More committed? Perhaps.

But the biggest difference is… A COACH!!!

Kind of. I’m paying a guy $200 to make a four month plan for me that I’ll try to follow as best I can.

It’s not that I don’t think I can coach myself. But I’ve gotten to too many goal races (mostly Rothmans) and flamed out.

Having an experienced guide will give me the confidence that I’m actually doing the right things and hitting the right targets along the way instead of just winging it. Plus an actual schedule increases accountability.

All of this obviously hinges on my health. I’ve done about 150 miles the last three weeks and feel pretty good, but only time will tell.


1) I still think I can run fast. There’s a small sense of ‘proving it’. I’ve always believed there’s more in the tank, and frankly whether I PR again or not I’ll still believe that, but I want to prove it to myself and others.

2) Time is short. Realistically I have ~5 good years left? That’s generous. I don’t want to wonder, I have the ability now.

3) Most importantly, I enjoy it. Running an hour each day for the last three weeks has given me a greater sense of… purpose? That’s too grand. Working towards a goal? Even the literal act of running for an hour is enjoyable. I look forward to it.

So we’ll see what happens. Here’s to trying!