My apologies for not posting on a regular basis as I’ve been traveling a bit. I hope to get back to a daily schedule for the first time in weeks because I have nowhere to be for months straight.

After sitting in a car today for 400 miles, I came home and ran 4 miles which was a struggle. This brings me to right now at 7pm on a Friday and I’m forcing myself to write this post. This morning I was touring Harvard’s campus (not for academics but for slate roofs) which was an eye opener. It’s like inhaling a pretentious air of superiority that causes nausea. I enjoy it though. There was a big regatta on the Charles River right when I was leaving which made the place chaotic. The night before I had dinner in the North End at an ever popular Italian place (Mamma Maria) and ate a cannoli at Mike’s Pastry. It was a sugar bomb and I couldn’t finish it. The line was 15 minutes.

The week before I woke up at 3:30am and headed to Vermont to tour slate quarries and got home at 10pm the same day. You want to talk about putting miles on the car? Give me some freight and I’ll solve the supply chain. These are not activities that I want to do. I’m putting my future wealth over my comfortable daily routine. To think that one wouldn’t rather have a simple routine instead of a schedule that takes you across your country, at all times, and in places you’ve never seen before, is nuts. There’s an element of excitement which comes at the forfeiture of sanity. My sleeping schedule has been horrid and I’ve been going to sleep with racing thoughts, waking up at 3am with wild dreams and more racing thoughts, only to get another hour of sleep before waking up again to start the day. Try driving 6 hours straight on random sleep. Not fun. I wish I could say I was doing crazy drugs or taking sleeping pills but unfortunately, aside from a drink or two at dinner, I’m perfectly straight. That’s why when I wrote I ran 4 miles after all of this, try keeping in shape while traveling. If you can’t do it within your routine, good luck.

So, I share this because I didn’t make a single sale. I cost the company thousands of dollars for the last 3 days. What I gained though was knowledge which is more important than sales. Try telling that to the owner of the company. I visited a customer on Wednesday and now I have a better understanding of who he is, and if he’s that way, my other perfect customers are more likely to have similar traits. Since I understand them better, I can market to them better. It’s invaluable. My point behind this post is that having a routine is great. Far superior for mental health (what is Ben Simmons doing?). However, without the self-sacrifice of getting out of your comfort zone and pushing through whatever it is, you’ll always be the same value.