Poker PlexiRooms

I’ve never seen a more inviting card room. Can’t wait to sneeze on one of these.

The Media Powers Through

Breaking: Everything that is good should have happened sooner thanks to the miracle of hindsight plus selective forgetting of context. – Scott Adams @scottadamssays

Florida Survives

Fake news. I checked his Wiki page and he does not own any bridges in Brooklyn.

More Deaths Over 100 Than Under 45

There are more deaths in PA over the age 100 (70 dead) than under the age of 45 (33 dead). There are more deaths in PA over 95 (411 dead), than under 60 (307 dead). Tom Wolfe and Rachel Levine should go to jail. Read on.


Senicide, or geronticide, is the killing of the elderly, or their abandonment to death. My understanding is that Wolfe ordered nursing homes to take Covid 19 positive patients. Story. Essentially, our governor boosted our deaths for incompetence of directive. Take your pick on which is better.

500 Doctors Signed

I truly believe the damage being done from this quarantine far outweighs Covid 19. Of course I’m slanting a post like this with #’s for this position, but it’s the way I see 1.5 million infected out of a population of 350 million. Letters like this is more problematic than this virus.

Final Ridiculousness

He was arrested.