This was one of the best opening NFL weekends I’ve had. It didn’t turn out as nice as it could have, but I was on the pulse of the games. I’d attribute it to my 3 sources of ETR, PFF, and Fantasy Labs and then using my big brain after processing all of the info.

First and foremost, 3 of my 4 published releases on the blog were winners. 2 underdog outrights, a Tyreek over in completions and yards, and a whiff on D Smith 1st TD which was a long shot. I also told Evan the Chiefs were a nice bet and I hit that as well. Hopefully I can keep it going, but let’s be honest, it won’t.

Next we head to a $25 dollar parlay that I had at 46-1 that lost because of the Eagles failing to cover. Here is the screen shot that I could have cashed out on but instead hedged $165 on the Lions so it wasn’t a total loss. These are so f’ing hard to hit it’s amazing.

That was my 1pm parlay, I also hit a +400 5 team teaser, and this brought me to a $12 single entry lineup in the Fair Catch. If I could have gotten a late game Doubs of Jones TD, I could have moved up a few places but I can’t complain too much with my 2nd highest cash in a GPP tournament.

I was up about $500 from betting and $400 from DFS and then put a $350 wager on the Cowboys, $50 on Lamb over yards & 1st, and Cameron Brate 1st TD. They all lost and I walked away with my DFS money.

It could have been so much more, but we take the lumps and we move on to the next week. I’d lean to the Seahawks tonight because everyone thinks Russ is gonna cook. Not a released play. I got through the losers pool and the Guillotine which keeps the season longs in tact.