This was a class project that I turned in back in 3rd (I’m guessing) grade.

If I remember correctly, the upper left was characteristics, lower left must be what you like, upper right was what you want to be, and bottom right was people you admire.

Let’s start with the center “TOM”. My art skills were lowest of the entire class growing up. I had zero ability with regards to drawing because of the disconnect between my brain and my hands. Look at that marker shading. That vibrant blobs on the “m” are solid and the “t” is out of this world.

The 3 characteristics to describe myself were smart (the brain), athletic (the soccer pic), and small (Spud Webb). I was the youngest in my grade every year and because of that, was usually the shortest.

I have no clue where Bobby Hurley came from in the lower left. I’d guess I was about 10 and Duke was making runs into the final 4 which is why he’d be my favorite player. The other sports are ones I played if you couldn’t figure that out.

Most surprisingly was the accurate guess of working for my family business at 10. It offered the highest ceiling for my and it’s amazing I identified that as early as I did. Funny that paint scrapers and brick hammers are not our best sellers any longer.

Role models being my dad and Cal Ripken. I’d think most kids would idolize their dad, mostly because they spend the most time with them. At this age, my dad was my coach in basketball and I’m sure that had an impact. The Cal Ripken is funny because he was the iron man who played 2,632 baseball games straight. I didn’t miss a day of school from Kindergarten up to Senior year of high school. They wrote some article about me in the Ambler Gazette and there was this picture of me sitting on my parents deck looking like a huge gweeb. I guess not much has changed.