I’ve had a few people tell me they read my Covid post which is a few more than I thought read the blog. It shows me that people are curious on the topic and I will give my experience on the testing process and re-emergence into society.

The first home test I bought was from Abbott that I was able to buy at CVS. It was $23 dollars for 2 tests and was available right off the shelf. All of these were insta-positive for 4 days in a row. Meaning the sample line popped up immediately after 1 minute. When I went to buy the test on Thursday, they were no longer on the shelf so I assume they sold out.

Next, I decided to buy a $35 dollar Ellume home test at Target thinking it may be more than 1 test. Wrong! Not only was it expensive in comparison, it made me download the app, input my personal identity (I lied), and after all that the result came back inconclusive because I performed the test during the video which it says don’t do. So that was wasted money. At the Wegman’s in Cherry Hill, they had a ton of the FlowFlex tests for $8 bucks so I bought 3 of them. On that Friday, it was the first test where the positive line barely showed. On Saturday it didn’t show at all. Sunday was the same negative result. As far as I could tell, that was the end of Covid for me.


The amount of uncertainty surrounding Covid is immense. I’ll start by saying if you don’t test, you’ll never have it. I would guess that millions of people walk around every day with Covid unknowingly. I tested positive last Saturday and probably had it 4 days before that. In that almost 2 week period, not one time would I have said I had Covid. No fever. No loss of smell. No sore throat. Essentially nothing but a hocked loogie. Call it the vaccine, but it was not even a cold.

Which takes me to the testing which is an absolute cash cow for Abbott. I bought some stock in it today because of how absurd the amount of money they will make off of positive tests. In their instructions, they clue you in to what is known as “serial testing”, which is testing everyday. I guarantee you people are in the habit of testing themselves every single day and probably will for the rest of their life. They don’t know why aside from their fear of a virus that shouldn’t be feared. An international friend wrote me to say, “don’t worry, everyone will get it eventually.”

Now to feel like a pariah in society is the biggest negative effect of the getting it. You will constantly feel like you’ll be the one bringing death upon civilization. Even now, after a negative test for 2 days in a row, do I feel that I’ll be responsible for any person I see that comes down with Covid. Whether it’s from me or the guy at the super market, no one can pin point, but people will draw their own conclusions. What I’m hoping for now is that I never get it again and I’ll never test myself again. Ignorance is bliss.