My iPhone is at 90% capacity. But WHAT APPS can I DELETE to make space?! I separated them into categories so I can decide.

The Basics

  • Messages / Contacts / Phone / Facetime: Obviously.
  • Camera: Obviously.
  • Photos: Obviously.
  • Clock: Alarm clock, stop watch for breath holding contests, etc.
  • Reminders: Pay rent. Pregame bowling (RIP).
  • Google Maps: I don’t even have a car.
  • Notes: To-do lists, COD game-by-game K/Ds.
  • Calculator: Getting the cumulative K/D ratio on my COD sessions.
  • Weather: Boxers AND shorts or just shorts?
  • Calendar: This is actually useless and I deleted it after typing this.
  • Health: Just to brag about footsteps.
  • Compass: I’ve never used this but it feels like it may save my life some day.
  • Find My iPhone: Same as above.
  • Gmail / Outlook: Gotta stay connected.

The Added Essentials

  • Spotify: Would honestly pay $100 a month for Premium.
  • Venmo: Want me to pay for it and you just Venmo me?
  • Lyft / Uber: WHO’S CALLIN’ IT?
  • Mighty: My cuck fake iPod that I run with (it’s actually awesome).
  • I do the daily chess puzzles every single day.

Social Media

  • Instagram: It’s embarrassing. I just look at attractive women, great guitarists, and NBA stats.
  • Twitter: Even without sports, as long as DJT is tweeting this is a must.
  • Facebook / Messanger: Zuckerberg.
  • Snapchat: People laugh at this but I literally have like six extra friends because of this.
  • Hinge: Fewer people are interested in a man with cats than I thought.
  • GroupMe: No clue what to do with this.
  • Slack: Useless.

Good Every Now and Then

  • Yahoo Fantasy: NOT RIGHT NOW AM I RIGHT??
  • PNC: I’ve only gotten two pay checks this year BUT mobile deposit is clutch.

I Just Have These to Look Cool

  • GuitarTuna: Insta-panty-dropper.
  • Coinbase: What’s the opposite of an insta-panty-dropper?
  • SportsAction: Spreads, moneylines, parlays, underdogs, all that good stuff.
  • Fanduel Sportsbook: If you can’t play online blackjack at a moment’s notice, what’s the point of living?
  • Betterment: Whenever anyone asks “how can you make money selling tools…?” I show them my BETTERMENT ACCOUNT.
  • TouchTunes: This came in handy ONE TIME on a first date. She said Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground was her favorite song ever and I played it without telling her. It’s the only reason she went on a second date with me. We went on four dates and she said “If you told me you didn’t see us being in a relationship in the future then I’d stop seeing you.” I basically loled at her and said “ahhhh let’s move on” then texted her the next day saying I didn’t see us being in a relationship but I’d still hang out if she wanted to and she never talked to me again.

So based on all of that above, I really don’t think I can delete any of these apps.