This post should really be titled “The Blog Works… FOR ME“.

I haven’t written very many posts lately, and pretty much none have been hot takes (though Spongebob being the GOAT was scorching hot)

Instead my posts have been mostly asking for help / opinions.

And I’m not just writing things only to have them disappear. I’ve been following through on the posts I’ve written. They sort of hold me accountable.

What things have come from posts asking for help?

  • I got a bike and ride it for exercise (though I hate it).
  • I have a new desk, chair, and computer set up.
  • I pee sitting down like 80% of the time now.
  • I’ve done weed edible likes 6 times.
  • I’ve donated $450 of my stimulus check (which I still haven’t received) to charities recommended by readers.

These are all real life things that have come out of the blog!

So no, I’m not writing six times a week about nonsense like I was five years ago. But I think that’s okay. This is the current evolution of MY posts. And it may change moving forward.

It’s also not to say that Tom’s posts about the world currently aren’t valid. I just don’t have the same urge to share my thoughts on those. Not only do I think people don’t care what I have to say about those things, but I also don’t have as strong opinions on those topics anymore.

I was going to write a post about how I thought Floor is Lava is the worst show I’ve ever seen ever. It truly sucks. But hey, people are watching it, good for them. Buncha sheep. But good for them.

This is what mature Sam’s blog looks like. And it sucks. But it’s working for me.