After playing a few games of Among Us, you learn quickly that it’s difficult to distinguish the truth. Especially when people are trying to lie. If deception can be done so easily in a game, why would it be any different in real life? Which brings me to China and how the Corona virus is seemingly not there.

China leads the world in most human beings with 1.43 billion. India is a close second with 1.3 billion. The USA follows a distant third with only 331 million. Why is China an outlier in this equation when it comes to the Corona virus? Because clearly someone is lying and it’s the crewmates job to figure it out.

China ranks 47th globally in coronavirus cases with 85,489, in between Japan (126 million) and Costa Rica (5 million). China has conducted 160 million tests which leads the world. Logic would tell us that China being equal to Costa Rica in Corona virus cases seems a bit sus.

Alarmingly, the USA and India are #1 and 2 in cases in the world. So the 2nd and 3rd biggest countries have the most cases which is based on 114 million tests and 82 million respectively.

How can a country who conducted 46 million more tests have 7 million less cases? Especially with this virus being as contagious as we’ve all been told it is. China is able to manage 1 billion people without any issue.

From where I sit, it appears that no one seems to be blinking an eye at this discrepancy. Shouldn’t the website put some sort of asterix next to China and note that the data is inconclusive? How could a virus choose with such disparity who it infects? You certainly could make the argument that China’s response to the virus was so extraordinary that the virus was a no brainer and that the USA is so bad at wearing masks that of course it spreads. This would be like Blue popping out of the vent and saying that Green did it. The data is the data.

What I’m going to bring forward here is that maybe it’s not China that is lying, it’s the USA! This would be harder to believe though because our numbers align with other countries. Here are the % of total cases divided by the total population of some choice countries:

  • USA – 2.3%
  • India – .4%
  • Brazil – 2.3%
  • Russia – .8%
  • Spain – 1.6%
  • France – 1.0%
  • China – .0059% (I honestly don’t know how to write 5.93 e-5 in %)

You’d think that the US would have incentive to inflate their # of cases for various reasons including the election and global relations. But what if, what if, China’s numbers are accurate? It’s incredibly implausible but what if the USA data is completely lying to us? Why would that be so hard to believe? Because our government wouldn’t do that?

You either believe that China’s ability to handle the crises is better than all other countries or they are the imposter. I tend to think that their numbers are skewed higher and ours should be skewed lower. This is only my opinion as a stupid crew mate with incomplete information. I know that believing what you’re told though is a clear cut way to severe ignorance. You are only told what they want you to hear. Ask China.