Twitter is abuzz over the Epstein Files being released. I read through the first 90 pages or so and it’s mostly Ghislaine Maxwell saying that she doesn’t know of any conduct with underage girls. The other 900 pages sound like they find some dirt on Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, and Tom Pritzker among others. What I found most interesting with the Pritzker name is that Penny Pritzker, a former Congresswoman, Harvard grad and board member, and relative of Tom Pritzker, was a senior influence in the search for Harvard’s latest President, Claudine Gay. Clearly a stretch, but when it rains it pours. Dirt is dirt.

Bill Clinton

Tom Pritzker

Alan Dershowitz

Are You Waking Up?

I know many people have their head in the sand, or they dismiss these claims as circumstantial, but I’m glad to see the public seeing that these “leaders”, are not good people. It’s difficult as the mere public to truly understand what is going on, but the Epstein cover up (i.e., his suicide that no one conveniently saw or taped in his maximum security jail cell), should at least make you aware that the elite do what the elite want.

The DEI campaign, AKA reverse racism, is also starting to show it’s ugly head. I love this answer by Vivek, and he has my vote for President at this point in time. I’ve never previously voted in an election to give you an idea of how broke I think the current system is to get me to the polls.

Sam made a comment that he heard a podcast that brought to light that Vivek knows nothing about policy protocol, and frankly, that’s why I like him. Whether someone who is so anti the current establishment has a shot at breaking through, I doubt it, but I like his answers every time I hear his sound clips. I also think if you aren’t seeing the evils of the democratic party’s platforms rearing their head with Harvard epitomizing the worst, consider their fiscal irresponsibility with our money. From ’20 to today, our debt has raised 10 trillion. If I lost that amount of money as President of my company, I’d laugh if they re-elected me. You can argue Covid, Trump, and yadda yadda… I would bet Vivek would clean up that federal waste of money real fast.

Also, 3 cheers to the current mayor of Philadelphia Cherelle Parker who condemned the open air drug market and talked the talked about cleaning up the city. Whether she does or not, we shall see, but at least Kenney is gone.

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