What do you do when you want to buy Sundried Tomato & Basil Wheat Thins and the shelf is empty for varying reasons we can blame on Joe Biden? The fact that these chips are unavailable and cost $27 per box is frightening for my survival. That’s a hyperbole for my sensitive left wingers who don’t know what a joke is. Anyway, I decided to buy a Triscuits version of the glorious tasting chip that is absent. Perhaps you believe a cracker is a cracker? Well, these crackers are not identical. A wheat thin is precisely what it sounds like, a thin piece of wheat. What is a Triscuit? Well, you may deduce that it’s a tri shaped biscuit. You’d be wrong. It’s a rectangle. This deception is why a Triscuit is inferior to the Wheat Thin. The fact that Joe Biden is forcing me to eat Triscuits is why he will not get my vote. I’m going to share one more detail that makes this opinion infinitely more in line with today’s age…I haven’t even opened the Triscuit box! Who knows, maybe I’ll love the Triscuit! I doubt it after being conned with a parallelogram when I expected a cone (I felt rectangle and triangle were unfair, flat categorizations so excuse my discrimination). Yet this is exactly what has become the norm. I feed you misinformation about crackers (they actually weren’t available, whether sold out or supply chain, that much is true) and you go home to your spouse and kids and tell them that Triscuits have replaced Wheat Thins and that the USA is on the brink of war with the wheat farmers of Suriname, the nations largest producer of grain.

How do we survive in the land of misinformation? 1) don’t listen to anybody and 2) listen to everybody. Don’t form an opinion unless you have seen the it with your own eyes from sources that aren’t the media. Don’t trust anyone when money is involved. That’s why you can trust this site. No ads. No one controls our thoughts. There are no persuasions other than helping you lose money investing and gambling. One tip before this post concludes, if you can buy all the Tomato & Basil Wheat Thins, you won’t be disappointed.