This highly anticipated match took place on Saturday morning. I picked up both competitors and both were exactly on time (much appreciated) and ready to play. A quick Wawa trip and 30 minutes later we were on the course.

There was no line at 7:15 which was perfect. The round got off to a strange start when Sam hit one of the shortest drives I’ve ever seen. It went less than a foot. Hell, it may have gone less than an inch. Perhaps this was an indicator of the day. The first hole was not played well with the entire group carding 33. Sam had 4 shots out of the sand. With that mess out of the way, we trudged on. Here are the results after 9.

Evan’s 7 stroke lead with 9 to play would be insurmountable with professionals. These were not professionals. There were 2 main highlights on the back 9 and they came on back to back holes, 14 and 15. 14 started off with the two marksmen hitting their drives in the same spot about 50 yard to the right of the fairway. Sam duffed the next shot and Evan hit it out of bounds in some shrubbery. Sam dink and donked his way to being greenside in 9 strokes and Evan proceeded to hit the ball onto another hole’s green, then hit his next shot in a pond, duffed the next to the cart path, hit one way left, and finally finished with an 11. Sam matched his 11.

Hole 15 was a nightmare for the Wevs who found a devastating sand trap. Duff. Duff. Over the green. Back over the green into the same sand trap. Duff. Card a 14 and give up your 7 stroke lead in one hole. You can’t make this stuff up.

With 3 to play, they both double bogeyed 16, hit reasonable tee shots on 17, tied the hole, and were tied on 18. Sam hit an errant drive and Evan hit one off to the left a bit. Sam was in front of the hazard in 3 and Evan was hitting 4 around the same spot. Sam plunked his next shot in and Evan successfully made it over. That was all she wrote. Evan was the new champion, shooting a 119 which you don’t write every day. He graciously bought us all lunch with Sam’s money.