Ready to have your mind blown? I’m writing this blog on the TOILET.

How am I doing that you ask?

Because I got a new laptop. An Acer Swift 3 where it doesn’t die instantly after being unplugged.

And not only did I get a new laptop, but since writing that post two weeks ago, I purchased a new laptop, two monitors, a docking station, a keyboard and mouse, a desk, and a chair. Here’s my NEW computer set up.

You may remember what my OLD computer set up looked like – when I wrote a post about how getting a desk and a chair was a huge deal. PATHETIC.

Why did it take me two years to invest in a quality computer set up? I honestly don’t know. I almost went the shitty route in spite of the haters. It was one of those you-don’t-realize-what-you’re-missing type things. I had my shitty laptop and was happy with it. And one day it hit me that I’m 28 and have money, why wouldn’t I just get my shit together?

Regardless. This new set up is incredible. You thought the blog posts were churning out before? Just wait.

And a huge thanks to Brett who guided most of these decisions.

Let’s leggggoooo!!!