The news today of Elon Musk offering to buy Twitter is essential for democracy. It’s clear that Elon believes that censorship within Big Tech has to stop. I can’t imagine a man who is trying to land on Mars, revolutionize emissions from automobiles, and put Stortz Tools out of business with a solar “slate” roofing panel would spend his valuable time otherwise.

I value freedom over censorship so I’m pro-Elon in this situation. HOWEVA, smart people put themselves in the other position to gain a different perspective and the libs of Twitter will not be happy. What they prefer is controlling what people read by “fact-checking” content that fits their narrative. This is why you’ll read that the current Twitter regime is not happy with Elon. If I was a tech-lib, I’d be upset that “all” the people will now be putting their ideas together. The goal is that Big Tech’s ideas are a superior way of being. Getting all opinions open on “our” platform is a problem. They will most likely quit in droves thus proving the point that they are biased from the beginning and what the problem of Twitter is.

For the People