I’m a social person. I can have conversations with or without alcohol any place, any time. Meeting people is the most stimulating part of any trip. I spent 2 days in Daytona Beach (shithole) and West Palm Beach (far classier), and ran into a number of characters who I’ll describe in detail so you can live vicariously through me.

Jack Maxey – “Do you want to see Hunter Biden’s laptop?” This is asked to me at 10am at the Philadelphia airport bar. Sure. Jack pulls out this grungy laptop and tells me to start scanning the pictures. All I’m seeing are dick picks, a scraggly Hunter Biden, and various women. I looked through 100 pictures before I gave it back. Then he told me to Google Metabiota and Wuhan and put the timeline between 2018-March 2020. I did it and “I think” he’s saying this is the company responsible for Covid. The oddest part about our conversation was him talking into the server screen saying that he wasn’t “planning anything on Jan 6th, this is purely hypothetical…” I didn’t know who I was talking to prior and googled his name and he is a whistleblower on the laptop. Odd way to start my trip.

Katie – After I went to the trade show I went to the bar and there was a woman sitting by herself. I ordered a beer and sat awkwardly for about 5 minutes. Then I thought, not saying anything is dumber than saying something. I ask her where she was from and she was there for the show as well which makes conversation easy. We talked for an hour or so and I genuinely enjoyed the conversation. I’m not sure how the next hour would have played out so the timing was probably perfect. She had dinner plans so that ended it on a high note. I didn’t pry into her personal life but I got the feeling she had a family so I don’t need any follow ups on my follow ups.

Coyote Ugly Bartender – I wanted to see the Daytona Beach bar scene before I left so I found a bar next to the strip club instead of the actual strip club. I challenged some random bro’s to beer pong (I lost) and then sat at the bar while girls are doing stomp dances above me. I chat up the one bartender who is a pretty 25 year old who suffers from clinical depression. How do I learn this? I honestly am not even sure. When I’m a few beers deep the filter drops a bit and it becomes hit or miss. As much as I wish I could write this was a hit, it didn’t move past the typical bullshitting.

Breakers – I didn’t get an opportunity to talk to any of the girls at the Breakers hotel for a variety of reasons, mainly because my bank account is a few zeros short. The people here are better than me. There was a wedding going on and the bride was a flawless 10/10 and she was having fun. The girls who attend here wear colorful, skin tight dresses and it’s a different world. Our server was pleasant and she had a question to the table, “are you happy?” You don’t hear that question from servers but it was polite and sincere at the same time. Would I like to drink with the uber wealthy? Let’s just say that I enjoy watching what money buys. This doesn’t make them better people than us as mentioned above, but the experience of money, and the type of people who have it is fun to see for me.

Matt – Returning home I was watching golf at the airport bar and a guy in his 50’s sits next to me. I saw on his phone that he had a Srixon hat on and I asked him if he likes golf. We start talking and he tells me he loves the LIV tour and how he’s a friend of Pat Perez. He starts rattling off all of these courses he’s played and if I’m ever in Florida he can hook me up with some invites to country clubs. Sounds good to me!