I placed two bets before the US Open:

  1. Rory Mcilroy – 18/1 – $10 to win $180.
  2. Matthew Wolff – 65/1 – $5 to win $325

If you’ve been watching the US Open, you’ll know that going into the final round, Matthew Freakin Wolff has a two stroke lead over DeChambeau, who has a two stroke lead over the rest of the field.

It’s kind of tough to hedge in golf. Betting $50 on DeChambeau +220 could easily back fire.

But FanDuel offers a cash-out option, the ultimate hedge!

I can take my measly $5 bet and cash it out for $108 right now, forfeiting my chance to win $325 if Wolff holds on.

I’m torn on what to do.

If I cash out and Wolff WINS then I look like a eunuch – I had a hunch and I was right but didn’t have the stones to see it through!

If I let it ride and he wins, then we’re big time gloating.

But… will he actually win?

Wolff is only 21 and has guys like DeChambeau, Schauffele, Matsuyama, hell even Louie(!) right behind him. With how this course has been playing and the situation he’s in he could shoot +6 today and it wouldn’t surprise anyone.

I’m leaning towards let-it-ride, seeing as I have some Rory hedge potential too, but given that the account only have 53 cents in it, I feel dumb not cashing out.

Cross your fingers for Matthew Wolff today please.