While reading Sam’s dating post Sunday night I thought, “people will like this.” Sure enough Bill commented that he wanted more content. Bill is one of the 3 subscribers to the blog who gets instant access to this quality material. You can be the 4th (sign up at the bottom of the homepage and I’ll Venmo you $5). What struck me though was the following criteria for maximum engagement.

° Keep It Light – Why is the Daily Mail so popular? Pictures are taken of celebrities and the world is entertained by judging them. There is no argument that you are going to have over Joe and Sophie walking their baby aside from why is someone taking their picture? It’s light, simple, and requires no deep thinking.

° Not Everyone Dates – People who have been married for a decade haven’t had any recent dating experience. Sam’s journey into the perils of Philadelphian woman revive this foreign reality for many. It is also topical for people who currently date as they can compare the experience. It’s a universal subject for both male and females.

° Tucker Max – If you’ve been to college, chances are you read Tucker Max and his sexual experiences. Tucker’s stories were a bit more outlandish than Sam’s, but the content is similar. The fact that you know Sam makes it more relatable but I have never met Tucker Max and thought his stories were hilariously entertaining. It’s like you can’t believe that this happens to a human being. Sam’s are meant to entertain the people who know him which makes the post that much better than stories meant to entertain millions.

The World Today

Emily’s comment on Sam’s post was this is the type of content the world needs RN. I didn’t know RN was right now but I’ll assume.

The world currently is heavy. Covid is putting people at each other’s throats with a scenario which brings mortality in question. Finances for many is touching levels that bring serious decision making to the fore front. Democrats and Republicans act like they are from two different sides instead of part of one country. This feels unprecedented but this is life. You either deal with it or it deals with you.

I get that when people come to a blog they are looking to be entertained. No one I know has blogged for as long as I have. Gourlay’s Goodies lasted 6 months. This was his last entry. I think he meant Monday of 2020.

I get that my viewpoints coincide with 90% of the readers. I don’t think like you. I’m cold blooded, capitalistic, and truly believe in survival of the fittest. I’ve gotten this way from 15 years of running a business and being successful at it. I’m on the hamster wheel just like you whether you think you are or not.

So I enjoy when Sam’s post creates the warming vibes for this website. I’m frankly beaten down by this pandemic and it’s not that I’m struggling personally. I’m tired of the descension of humanity. Corrupt politicians. Looters. I’m the stone cold to Sam’s warm heart. Sam believes the world will improve with better government intervention and I believe in individualistic responsibility. Sam and I have completely varying opinions on a vast array of topics which is healthy for a set of brothers. It’s balancing and you’ll see that with our posts.