I was running on the Ben Franklin and a biker rode by and screamed, “mask”. Now, it’s possible he was expressing his admiration of the Jim Carrey classic movie the Mask (Cameron Diaz coming out party I may add and her hottest role), but more than likely he didn’t approve of me not running with a mask and this is where I’m putting my foot down.

I have no issue with the mask movement. If you want to wear a mask, you should wear a mask. Forcing people in public spaces to wear a mask though is not right. The numbers are not there to come to this conclusion. The current amount of people infected in the United States is 0.3%. This is even considering officials are making up the numbers as they go along by labeling people “probably” dying of the virus without any test.

So to decide that being in an outdoor space, moving, staying as far away from people as possible, is necessary for a mask is overboard. If you think the virus can spread this way than you shouldn’t be out in public. It’s that simple. Not everyone feels that .3% is a radical enough # to make changes that affect 100% of the people. Of course the argument can be made that the # of infected is higher than that. So millions of people have an issue they don’t even know is an issue yet government and media keep pushing the agenda. It’s irrational thinking.

As much as I hate to believe a guy who enjoys getting shit on by women through a hammock, I concur with Mr AntiVirus.

Not worse than the flu?