I gave a 1st TD last night to Wevs and Wads of Dyami Brown at 20-1. I also gave them the Giants +3.5. As you can see, I failed to divulge the winning pick of Daniel Jones 1st TD score at 25-1. My longest odds of a bet ever was 33-1 on Patrick Cantlay winning some tournament a year ago. 25-1 ain’t too shabby. This is a nice start to the season hitting Godwin last week at 9-1 last TNF and then again last night. I’m up about $500 to start the season and that puts me down only $3,500 since June of 2018. Is it possible to get back to even? I’m not sure but I have good vibes going into the weekend.

This is coming off bad vibes for the past 3 days of life recovery. Now that it’s behind me, don’t be surprised if I come out full guns blazing. Life is filled with ups and downs. Some people try to keep the ups and downs as close to the center line as possible. My life is putting the ups and downs at the far end of the spectrum. It’s go time! I wouldn’t be surprised if this team passes 6/6 and we get a run to Sunday.