Evan said I wasn’t using enough lightning bolts so I figured I’d throw 2 out there.

My phone tracks my steps. I never asked it to and don’t know, or care, how to shut it off. It tries to pressure me into being active. “Get your fat ass to the gym”. “Don’t watch another episode of Breaking Bad.” This device is relentless. I don’t see it staying in shape. Hypocritical AI. Get used to it.

These were my steps for today.

This doesn’t even include the 5 miles I ran across the Ben Franklin Bridge because I don’t run with my phone. Today I exceeded my goal by 7,007 steps and another 5+ miles, or 10,000 more steps. 17,000 steps. Is this good?

6,000 is a bullshit number for an active human being. However, I’d estimate 90% of humans don’t even come close to that for a day. You can see from 6pm to 8pm I walked about 10,000 steps. That was walking a golf course. I broke a sweat, but this is hardly what I consider exercise.

I don’t give a shit how many steps I take. It’s sad that the developers feel that our society is so pathetic that they need to push people to take 6,000 steps a day. The app is a reminder to not be a lazy, piece of shit. I understand the purpose, but if 6,000 was my goal, I’d achieve nothing.

There is a serious problem with obesity in the United States. Our country is Atlas Shrugged. The elite rule the roost. The rest either don’t care or don’t see an issue. I’m not a political guy, but the US is in trouble. You want to be mad at Donald Trump? How about you take your 6,000 steps a day and then you can voice your viewpoint. Am I wrong to look at keeping yourself in a physical level of fitness as a characteristic for being a productive person? Does that make me a jerk? This post comes across as fat shaming instead of saying, “it’s not that hard, you can do it.” We’re too sensitive though and every kid gets their medal.