Talk about a one minute man. Who remembers when Sam was a vegan? He intermittently would get drunk and go to Steve’s, but you know, that type of vegan.

Remember when he lost $18,000 in one blackjack sitting? The kid is scared to split tens nowadays. Give your balls a tug.

How about that great “double” lock of the week you graced us with last week that bet a meager $25 dollars on. I won’t let the audience be misled by the word lock. Sam is throwing darts at a board and he barely invests in them.

Now his social media experiment lasts two months and he’s back on Twitter glorifying his absence. I’m going to quote here, “It’s true. After being 99% off Twitter for the last two months, I’M BACK BABY!

But there’s a catch.

A catch! If Gourlay isn’t thinking that this is the stupidest comment he reads all day… No one even knew you left and now we’re to contemplate “a catch” to why you’re back?

This post can come across as a personal attack, and it’s made in good humor, but an observer has to ask, what is your motivation? If you’re post read that you missed social media and wanted to be back, I get it. That’s real. But back with a catch? I don’t think so, pal.

This kid had a purpose. That T-shirt wasn’t fucking around. This kid could recite every Pokemon’s weight. He wasn’t starting and stopping random acts of experimentation. Figure it out.