Breakfast begins at 7am. Earlier if you’re a dedicated establishment. However, I see restaurants advertising that they serve breakfast, and they don’t open until 9am. This is bad business.

My day usually begins at 6:30am. I like to be at work around 7am. When I go to find places that I want to try for breakfast, they have to open by 7am. If it’s 7:30, it won’t work for my schedule. So when I see places that say they serve breakfast and they don’t even open until 9am, I don’t understand the mindset behind even serving breakfast if you’re not going to wake up early. Who are these people who begin their day at 9am eating breakfast? Are there a lot of them? Do they just say they serve breakfast and never have a customer? 9am is moving into brunch and lunch more so than breakfast. By 9am, my day is basically over.

McDonald’s and Wawa open at 6am which is geared to serve the “real” breakfast crowd. It’s easy to get tired of these chains, and when you want to have a different breakfast experience, unfortunately, there’s nothing that opens early. Diners generally will fit into this category, but if you just want to get a quick, homemade, sausage, egg and cheese before 7am, It. Just. Doesn’t. Happen. And. I. Think. It’s. Bullshit.