Why I Enjoyed Schitt’s Creek

January 2, 2019


Why I Enjoyed Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek is a comedy on Netflix that has run for 4 seasons on CBC (Canadian Broadcast) since January of 2015. It’s about a well to do family that is forced to move into a podunk motel. It stars Eugene and Daniel Levy (the dad from American Pie and his real life son). The mom and daughter of the family are played by Catherine O’Hara (Home Alone mom) and Annie Murphy. The IMDB rating is 8.1 which I find slightly lower than where it should. If you’ve seen the show, then you’ll find my observations amusing. If you haven’t, the first episode is streaming on Netflix and you can decide for yourself 

  • Episodes are 21 Minutes – The lack of commitment towards episodes is a nice relief from 45-60 minute time wasters. I was impressed how each individual episode didn’t feel like it was stretched or that they were throwing together plot twists for the sake of it. It’s not a show for the plot so much, the development of the characters is where this series hits a home run.
  • Johnny Rose – Eugene Levy was never off in this series. Always wore a suit. Always the smartest guy in the room. Always treated people with respect while working hard to get back on his feet.  He was the glue that kept the family together.
  • Ew, David! – Alexis became one of my favorite characters by the end. Her simple, self centered, pompous, and snooty scope developed into a complex, caring, thoughtful being. She’s great looking and her acting and facial expressions are flawless. 
  • David the Pansexual – The word metrosexual seems appropriate for David, but this scene should explain his sexuality. David’s entire acting makes you forget about his sexuality and you see his true self coming out the entire time. His facial expressions were also tremendous.
  • David and Stevie – This relationship is one of the best on the show. Stevie’s humor with David, as they become best friends, is how I envision normal people act when they reach next level friendom. Snarky. Honest. Sarcastic. Stevie is small town and David is extravagant. 

Roland the Mayor’s Logic – Roland plays the perfect mayor. He never seems to waver from “being the mayor” even though he certainly sucks at it. His intellect is suspect and he’s a run of the mill fellow. When Johnny told him that David was pansexual, he thought he was into cookware. I get how his rudeness could be off putting, but he plays the part so well to not like it. This scene though was my favorite.

  • Moria’s Vocabulary – I’m not sure if this is how rich people talk with this type of accent, but she’s hilarious at times. 
  • Simply the Best – I’m not sure where to begin with these Tina Turner clips. 
  • Fold in the Cheese – Moria never admits she doesn’t know what’s going on. Total power moves here.
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