Pennsylvania Casinos

I draw your attention to the 3rd column. This is the amount of revenue generated by that casino on the total handle. The handle is the total amount of money wagered. So when you subtract the winnings from handle, you get the revenue. How does one casino do more online revenue on less handle? HMMMMMMMM!

The top 3 online revenue generators are Penn National’s app Barstool Bets, Valley Forge uses FanDuel, and Draftkings runs through Meadows. Plainly speaking, Valley Forge generates the most money in bets (200 million) and 7 million in revenue (3% ratio), Draftkings is at 4% and Barstool at 19%. It’s clear what is happening and it’s that Barstool is the best at separating the patron from their money.

What factors contribute to that? Here’s one example of why that may be:

I’d love to see how many bets were made on the Can’t Lose parlay. Sam was saying that Big Cat analyzed the record of the Can’t Lose parlay (which is actually a tease), and it was close to even which doesn’t explain why the Stoolies are losing money at a rapid rate. Let me think why Stoolies are such bad bettors.

Barstool has the dumbest, richest 18-35 white, living in their parents basement, demographic. The ones that do work are alcoholic, cube monkey’s, who live for the next bet to tail. It’s a sad existence, but these #’s are indicating what I’m suggesting. If you meet someone who tells you they bet on the Barstool Bets App, you already know more about the person than you want to know. They’re too stupid to know that the App they are using is the worst (worst lines, worst payouts) and they don’t care. When Fanduel has 200 million in betting revenue to earn 7 million, it shows they have tons of promotions and the gambler’s dollar goes a long way. Perhaps the January #’s will be different, but if you are a Barstool Bets gambler, you should re-evaluate your life decisions because you’re doing it wrong. I’m also not saying that I’m high and mighty because I lose my money on Draftkings. It just takes me longer to lose and I can speak down on these #’s from my high horse.