The scene sets up with “Will you shut the window, Tommy, you’re letting moths in.”

“No, it’s hot in here.”

“I Could If You Help Me”

Richard responds with “Forget it, I have enough to do without having to change your diapers.” What a jerk. Oddly, he won’t anything to do if he can’t doesn’t sell the break pads. Working against him further is that he has a nerd pitch with his “non-corrosive, poly-plated…”. He couldn’t sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves.

This scene also sets up Tommy’s calls to Michelle from the hotel room because I remember Michelle saying his dad never sold 1,000 units to Osh Kosh.

Back to the vacuum. Do you see that hog? It’s industrial. No hotel room I ever went to has that type of vacuum in the room. I wonder if they had to ask the front desk but that doesn’t make sense because Richard only alerted Tommy that he’s letting all the moths in. Plus, those moths look insanely big. So this hotel goes out of it’s way to put industrial vacuums in with every room because…it’s rooms aren’t clean? I suppose this would make sense if it’s one of those extended night hotels with cheap weekly rates. Still, it’s odd that customers would want to vacuum their own room. Things were different in the 90’s.

Browsing Movies

Looking for a movie is not an easy task these days. Although the selection seems vast, the majority of the movies I consider good I’ve already seen and the others flat out suck. In the day of Rotten Tomatoes, I’m not going to take a chance on a 25% movie that I am already going out of my way to consider.

I watched Mississippi Grind the other day and it starred Ryan Reynolds and Ben Mendelsohn. Ryan was a gambler who couldn’t lose and Ben a gambler who couldn’t win. The movie did a great job accurately representing the real life perils of gambling addiction. Their gambling scenes were spot on using more realistic hold ’em hands, a blackjack scene, and then the massive build up for a craps toss. For a movie I randomly selected, I was pleasantly satisfied. Without spoiling, I was expecting a twist the Reynolds character as some millionaire and was more satisfied I was wrong because there are these types of gamblers as well in comparison to the real degenerate.

It’s not like you can watch any movie you desire at any time with these services. It’s almost like they sideline the good movies so you buy them. I wanted to watch Falling Down with Michael Douglas and it was $15.99. There was a scene in the Big Lebowski I wanted to re-watch and $12.99. Why would I pay that much to watch a movie made 30 years ago? Like many parts of life it’s not about the actual money, it’s the value and that 12x off.