Perhaps common knowledge, and you come off paranoid when you bring it up to people, as I have to friends tell me they don’t believe it, but your phone displays ads based off of speech and not only type. How can I be certain? This ad appeared on my phone today.

Last night a business associate visited us from Austria. He’s traveled all over Europe. At one part of the night in a loud McGillans, he was telling Jeff and I how the countryside of Tuscany is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I also ordered the Tuscan chicken at dinner. If I was asked where Tuscany was prior to last night I would have guessed it was one of Jupiter’s moons.

You will not convince me that this is coincidental. I googled, “does your phone listen to you” and found this article from 2018 which confirmed my suspicions. I’m not sure if I’m alarmed or not, I only know not everyone feels this way.

Further investigating on the subject starts leading down apps having access to your camera and microphone that will screenshot you and listen to your conversations. I went into my App Permissions and Instagram had access to my microphone and that connection has been cut. Maybe Bud has the right idea with his clam phone.

I’m not doing illegal activity, it’s the line of privacy has to be drawn and 2019 is invasive. There are few benefits for the individual from large companies getting information about their customer base. I’m not looking for targeted ads. Ideally, I want data that is not scripted to me. Organic information is non-existent. I don’t know what the answer is, I only know it feels weird.

This post will end with a video I watched yesterday of a college coach expressing the issues with youth. The younger generation isn’t wrong for being like this, it’s what our society has adapted to. It feels like we are all moving towards the age of being robots. But that post is for another day.