Yesterday I got caught in the rain running. I was doing Art Museum steps when the clouds starting rolling through and I made a bee line home. It’s about 2 miles away so I was hoping to out run the rain…and I was wrong. It started torrential downpouring as I had about a mile left. A quarter mile away from my house I saw a couple with their flashers on parked in the street. I looked closely at the bags because I was curious where they were shopping. Acme. I never loved the Acme they were shopping from because I thought it was overpriced and someone got murdered in their garage. I’ve become more of a Wegman’s snob as I can conveniently go there from the golf course.

Anyway, the attractive blonde girl is wearing a tee shirt and athletic shorts and has her hands covering her head exiting the car as she is bolting to the door of her home. The guy has the trunk up and has 4 bags up on his left hand and is trying to position the other 2 on his right hand. As she’s trying to dodge every rain drop he screams out, “you’re seriously not going to take any?”

I started laughing because it looked hilarious watching this cross fit guy trying to carry 6 bags in by himself while his assumed girlfriend or wife is worried about the rain. This is going to sound presumptuous by me, but I think this tells a lot about a person. Mainly the woman here. She’s not worried about anyone else but herself in this scenario. It doesn’t matter to her that their car is blocking the street or her bf is overloaded. The only part that matters is whether her hair gets ruined. Now I’m not saying this is a deal breaker, but if this girl wasn’t attractive, I think this character trait would go a long way to resentment. I suppose you could argue that this is the “man’s” job, but if we are going to be moving closer to equality, grab a bag.