Today I will be embarking on an international trip for pleasure to Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands. I intend to take some “worthwhile” pictures and have a write up after it’s over.

Until you’ve left the country, you don’t know what nationalism feels like. The US is its own self-sufficient island that you don’t have to leave if you don’t want to. This is both good and bad, but I’m under the impression that the more life experience you have, the more well rounded you become. When you go to other countries as an American, people will have their perceived notions of America. I haven’t found it to be derogatory, but it exists. Knowing what America is and understanding European culture is the fun part of traveling.

Our group will be headed to Copenhagen to start for a hot minute before heading to Oktoberfest in Munich. From there we’ll go to Berlin and complete in Amsterdam. It’s only an 8 day period, so it’s a decent amount of travel, but I’ve always enjoyed the sight of new places.

If you’re playing me in fantasy this week or next, it’s your best time to pull an upset because my research will be nil. I doubt Euro’s give a shit about American football, but I may be pleasantly surprised. We shall see.