When a story starts with “I’m not a racist,” it’s surmised they are.

I’m not a racist.

I wanted 2 for $3.50 Gatorade Zero from Wawa and a Grandma’s chocolate chip cookie. I exited my vehicle and walked to the entrance. A black woman in scrubs was ahead of me coming from another direction. This picture has the exact scene and distances.

She got to the door first and opened it. I swoop forward to go for the outside door hold with my right hand to keep the door open for her. This coiled cobra struck with venom. She looked back at me, put her hand on her hip, and said, “you’re welcome“. Off guard, I lightly muttered, “thank you.”

Whereas I thought I was holding the door for her, she actually held the door for me. My mind wasn’t thinking, “thank you,” which made her think I was an ingrate. I was expecting her to say thanks for holding the door. She made me feel this big.

The door must have been over 50% open and she rightfully opened the door for me. Even if it was passed 50% (my line on who would be write or wrong in this scenario), who looks back at the other person with a “you’re welcome”? She wanted to start shit. I wanted a Glacier Freeze Gatorade. This was entirely set up by her. She may even do this on rotation to hold power over the unsuspecting. I wouldn’t write this post otherwise. Be on the look out. You’ve been warned.