I’m Joe Public when it comes to betting. I track my picks and am down about 2 grand over a 30 month period. You shouldn’t tail me. Those words of warning come prior to this odds defying story taking place from a writer with the sportingnews.com, Matt Zylbert. With his time at the Action Network he had a great track record and I made a fair amount of winning bets with him. This year…well see for yourself.

This was his write up last night. His leans won but focus on the main bet of Giant-Rockies Under 12.5. Here was the result:

Now I’ll draw your attention to his record for 2020, 9-25-4. There are a few points I find worth discussing.

  • He’s still tracking all the picks. I give credit for not hiding in a hole and continuing to display the losing record at face value.
  • He calls himself Mr. Over/Under and “the cat” (for clawing his way to under wins) which should give you an idea of how this losing record may be affecting his mental state.
  • He makes 1 pick every day and doesn’t miss a day. That has to be exhausting when you can’t pick a game right.
  • The trolls find him pointing out his lifetime record as presumptuous and have been killing him recently.

My point of posting this isn’t to roast Matt Zylbert. He seems like a nice guy. It’s more to point out how people go about talking sports betting. This guy tracks everyone of his picks and has a 3 year winning record. He hit a bad streak. It happens. Do the friends you talk to about sports betting track their picks? I’d bet you only hear about their winning plays. At least this guy loses with integrity.