Metric – A Canadian band founded in 1998. Emily Haines is the lead singer and the star of the show. I had on their Spotify radio and a song played by them called Gimme Sympathy that I thought was clever and fun to listen to. Most people have heard Gold Guns Girls, Black Sheep, and Help, I’m Alive. Bands I tend to find enhanced are when you get passed their popular songs, they have many hidden gems, and this is the case with Metric. Metric made a great song for the Eclipse sound track…called Eclipse. Doomscroller which was released recently has a great flow to it. Now they’ve released 3 new songs ins 2023 which are all worth listening to.

Hozier – An Irish musician who produces music using literary and religious themes. Take Me To Church was released in 2013 which brought him to fame. Hozier has only released 3 albums since 2014, so it’s kind of a big deal when he does and Unreal Unearth was released this year. Eat Your Young and Francesca have gotten some radio play, but the song with Brandi Carlile called Damage Gets Done is a great duet that moves at a faster pace than his usual music. Anything But is also a song that I like a lot and I’m going to give the album more listens. I think Hozier’s self titled first album is a top 25 album of all time. Maybe top 100.

Nothing But Thieves – English rock band formed in 2012. I’ll be the first to say that this is not a band I’m familiar with, I just like their music. I’ve heard Trip Switch (2015) & Amsterdam (2017), but that’s it. I’m here to write that their new album has quite a few tracks worth listening to. Overcome is upbeat and fun and Talking to Myself is a slow track about solitude. A band I will be listening to more.

Arizona – An American band started in 2015. Their most popular songs include Freaking Out, Oceans Away, Nostalgic, and I Was Wrong. Hanging On and Graveyard are songs from the new album that are absolutely worth listening to. This band tends to bridge the gap of many genres and can be played in large groups which is not an easy task to accomplish. I’ll listen to them more moving forward.

Neon Trees – An American Rock started in 2005. They have many popular songs starting with Animal, Everybody Talks, and Text me in the Morning. Maybe I’m the only one that thinks they’re popular but I like a large % of their songs. The Nights, Sleeping With a Friend, Used to Like, and I Am the DJ are all nice songs. They recently have two new releases called Losing My Head and Favorite Daze. Not my favorite, but still worth noting that this is an above average band.