Sunday was an action packed day and it combusted in a 2+ hour period between 4:30pm and 7. Evan and I were watching the games and they were pretty ho hum. I had a few hundred on the Texans varying between +1.5 and 2.5 and was break even. To start the 4pm I started guessing a few 1st TD’s / Breece Hall offense and got hot.

This moved into a golf bet where Luke List drained a 35 footer to win a 5 way playoff.

Which came kerplunk on the last bet of the night.

The Wave

Do I think I’m a good bettor? No. Do I think there are that many people out there who can go on a run like this with only wagering a fraction of what I won? No. Was the Cowboys bet terrible and wouldn’t it have been so much better if I only bet, you know, $250? That’s not how this works. When you’re hot, you’re hot. You HAVE to push the envelope or there’s no point to doing it. Why did I think the Cowboys were going to win? I was enticed by the hook? I don’t regret the bet for a second. I was looking to hit big.