Jordan said he doesn’t like my idea posts, only the people posts. This strikes me as odd because most people who read this blog don’t even personally know who I write about. If you do happen to know the people, I promise it’s only slightly more interesting.

Yesterday I was shut out on the golf course by Bill and Bud Schmidt (Chris was hitting bombs off the tee too!). We played a skins game with carry overs for $1, and if you win the hole with a birdie, you get the an extra dollar multiple. Amazingly, I lost all 18 holes shooting an 88 (87 GHIN). I had an excellent opportunity with a 3 ft. putt on 15 that would have at least got me off the donut, and missed. Bud had 2 birdies within the first 10 holes and one was a 50 yard chip which allowed him to dominate. To lose 18, you should be asking what my competition shot and it was 78 and 82 respectively with Bud beating his dad which is a rare occurrence even though Bill is 73.

Coming off a 101 at Mainland, nobody knew the state of Bud’s game. Unfortunately for my wallet, the Mainland round was only a ruse to get me to lower my guard. He played well with solid drives, approaches to the greens, and standard good putting. Bill’s game is tight too. He can still hit the ball over 225 yards which is quite impressive. It’s funny when I’m using an iron off the tee because it’s a tightish shot, Bill will have no problem blasting driver straight up the middle. The great part is, I don’t mind losing to people who shoot better than me. That’s the name of the game.

After golf was our bowling league which was Sam’s first week back after missing the last 2. Sam showed no rust with a 700+ series and we bun runned the other team in the series. It wasn’t particularly close. My average is approaching 220 now which is certainly higher than it ever was at South Bowl, but you may attribute that to the house. We are going to have a shot to win the league which will hopefully create some great buzz for the blog. Maybe we’ll even get a big showing at the finals game. That went so well last time!

I’m going to use this last paragraph to continue to defend this blog and my ability to type whatever I want in it with no remorse for my own individual opinions. My views on an individual’s responsibility vs a government ruled equal society are steadfast. Ideas that have been time tested are what I believe in and not that there are 1,000 different pro-nouns. I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to set an example for a human who takes personal responsibility and attempts to make the most out of their life. If that takes losing $30 dollars to the Schmidt’s, than that’s what it takes because it continuously asks for self improvement which could be the best guess at the purpose of life.