One way I will not be exiting this Earth is with my limbs dissociating from my body in an explosion set off by a terrorist. This thought, on the day of the Presidential election, is more pronounced than ever considering the beheading in Nice, France and at least 4 dead in Vienna, Austria in recent days. Here in the US it seems to be more domestic violence, but there is a global threat that always looms.

I’m finishing my workout at the Art Museum steps and I see a white van parked on the front entrance with its flashers on. No questions ask, I’m high tailing it out of there. I was thinking what the blast radius would be considering I’m an expert in explosives and my best guess was I didn’t want to find out.

It’s bad that I’m going through life this way. Laura made a comment that she walks around thinking that at any moment someone can pull a weapon and shoot her. I’d laugh at this as absurd except I do the same thing. It feels like people have nothing to lose. You can blame the President but he’s a cog in our political system. I’d argue that the virus has taken away jobs, civility, and money from people who had nothing to begin with. Now there is no way to make ends meat except to lie, cheat, steal, and kill. Blame whoever you want, it doesn’t take away from reality of watching your back at every moment because people are unpredictable. Will a new regime change this? Cross your fingers.