Today was an off day for me. I played golf with the Schmidt’s at Turtle Creek. We played the blues and Bill played the worst and still won with a 90. Bud’s 11 on hole 18 gave him the L, but he frankly played the best with a tight short game despite a few errant tee shots. Chris’s ball striking was elite and I think she could shave a few more strokes off if her putter wasn’t from 1985. I played about as good as I could hope for after a 107 last Saturday with a 92 and I need to turn my doubles into bogeys. Fun round.

After walking the entire course, I ran about 6 miles in the heat and am now typing as a very tired TC. I have my bowling playoffs tonight in my secondary league and expect to advance. Since I’ve been rolling the Crux Prime, I’ve been averaging over 200 with a few 670’s, 80’s and 90’s rolled in there.

I joined a country club and expect to start playing golf after work on a regular basis now that bowling is settling down. My goal would be to get to a 10 handicap by the end of the season and that’s going to require plenty of practice, actually keeping a handicap, and enjoying the game which I do.

Our business is doing well and that’s why I’m learning to enjoy these types of days off. Hard work has paid off over the past 14 years and I’m finally enjoying the fruits of labor. It feels good and I’ve always had hard time not feeling guilty about not working hard. It’s getting easier.