List of American Burns

  1. Loser Husband – Pink hoodie, sickly, overweight, unkempt long hair
  2. Vegetarians Behind You – “They have discomfort because you eat meat.”
  3. White Oppression – African Americans do whatever they want

Wow. You never know if this is actual Russian Propaganda, but they absolutely nailed us. In the first scene they might even be saying it’s a transgender. Then they smash the insane idea of catering to maniacs around you in the trust of democracy. Finally, they bow down to a black guy for the long history of oppression. They think we’re:

Russian Propaganda

After listening to the Tucker Carlson interview with Lex Friedman, it does make me wonder about Russia. I have no doubt they are communists, and their freedoms are limited, but that metro station looks a hell a lot better than Septa. The classical music is a bit over the top to make the point. Lex said, “but at what cost to the people keeps it so nice?”

I’d also add that the Metro in Paris was 10x nicer than ours too when I was there weeks ago. I also felt far safer in Paris than I do walking the streets of Philadelphia at night. So where does that leave the USA?

The Migrant Plan

If this isn’t the plan, I don’t understand why our borders are the way they are and why we’re housing all of these people.

It Isn’t Happening

If you’re one of those people who watch this and say, “this isn’t happening”, it’s literally directly in front of you and you don’t want to believe it. You’ll believe that it’s being doctored to trick you into thinking it’s happening. I’m not going to be the guy to tell you you’re an idiot, the world will sort that out one way or another, and as much as I’m trying to not have egg on my face, I believe it.

More Batshit Examples

They are looking to take away your freedom of speech. I watched a video this morning on our Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson saying that the Government should be able to step in and tell social media companies what they should be allowed to show.

Then you have Kevin O’Leary saying how dangerous it is when the NYC Attorney General is acting above the American laws. This is in regard to Trump, who obviously is being attacked, but it’s the bigger picture. “Case setting against the American brand.”

Perilous Waters

I totally understand if you don’t want to read about this and watch Tik Tok instead. It’s far easier. It’s only odd to me that we act like all of this is ok. To think that the people in charge know what they are doing when I see my city in such a different light. I don’t think that there are better places on Earth than America, yet, dominant powers don’t last for long periods of time, and these values being made fun of by Russia are weak. Weak countries don’t last.