What Theories?

The people who don’t like Elon seem to think he’s a conceited billionaire, ego-maniac, and obsessed with taking over the world. I would imagine these are the same people who would scoff at reading an article written by him because “they already know what it’s going to say”. His style comes across as inhumane, as he fired half the inflated work force at Twitter, and this once again is “wrong”, instead of running an efficient company. His ideas of actual democracy are misconstrued as a monarchy. They will say that I am brain washed by him the same way I would say they are brain washed by the government. So, who would you rather be brain washed by?

The far left, as demonstrated by Twitter’s past policies and the theories that Musk is confirming, wanted to control the dissemination of info. Don’t get lost on this point. If you’re agreeable to only reading the information the government controlled platform is promoting, just stop reading my blog because you’re still wearing your mask while driving and getting your 5th booster. I don’t dislike you for this, but out of the billions of people to hang out with, I won’t pick you. The good news is that Twitter is moving away from controlling a narrative (read the Twitter files if you don’t believe this was happening). Old Twitter management below.

Censorship & Democracy

This is the ultimate gray area. If you believe that Elon is for the people, then you’d know he’s for free speech and democracy. These are the principles our nation was built on. It’s why our country grew to become the richest, most powerful, in a short amount of time. If you can’t see that these principles are paramount, then you should ask yourself why you live in America at all because try going somewhere else. Censorship is not free speech and government control is not democracy. However, you need some level of censorship. Illegal activities should not be promoted like terrorism or pedophilia. Should this line be decided by Elon Musk or the Government? Ideally the answer is the people. Unfortunately, the people aren’t that good at deciding either. So we find ourselves in this place of caring too much, caring too little, or ignoring it all completely.

I’m not a fan of the government. They take more than they give from the people. Why do we give billions of dollars to other countries when ours is such a mess? I don’t doubt that creating a system for 300 million people has its challenges, but when its run with disregard for our financial system, giving preference to big companies and big donors (SBF & big Pharma), knowing that they put themselves first over the constituents, why would you want this? Why are people in favor of letting them control us? I pay my taxes just like everyone else to support the common good, but does that mean I have to agree with their ideals? If more people wanted less government, we’d be headed in a better direction, and I believe Elon Musk bring us closer to that.