Here’s rundown of topics that are on my mind

  • Gambling – I haven’t gambled since the Masters. That’s untrue as I lost $70 dollars betting on the Sixers last Sunday, but those were the only bets I’ve made in a month. Not gambling opens up a few more hours to the week and reduces the thrill factor of life to zero. I had the DK account up to $3,000 after the Superbowl and had been using that money until the week around the Masters where I lost $1,300 in DraftKings blackjack in a quick 15 minute session. This coincided with getting wiped in all my Masters bets. I had about $2,500 in the account when that weekend started to move to 0. Money is only money, but I’m missing the fun time rooting for a 90-1 Taylor Pendrith that I would have had this weekend. Which leaves me questioning if I’m not doing it for the money, and I miss the thrill, then why should I care if I lose money?
  • Running – I’m getting slower. Whereas I used to be able to burn 700 to 800 calories during a treadmill session, I’m down to 500 or 600. I’ve gone on a few longer, slower runs outside and don’t even have the heart to where a watch. Of course I can keep going to push myself to heart attack level, but what’s the point? I feel fine. I look fine. Yet my body is getting winded easier with my limited training and age has a lot to do with it. I’m trying not to let this reality affect my mental state, but it does.
  • Golf – Bud and I tied on Saturday both shooting 87 from the blues at Lederach. He missed a 4 footer to allow the tie, but that’s the way it goes. I got off to a rocky triple, single, double, double start and finished +8 on the next 14 holes throwing in a 4 putt triple for good measure for a niceish round. Bud had a range finder miscalculation that cost him some strokes that caddie Bill should be embarrassed for his son. Aside from some hooked drives early, I played well even though I was close/did shank some chips which is concerning. I can feel a 79 coming this season.
  • Chess – On 4/12, I achieved the highest chess rating of my life at 1809. I had taken some mind altering substances a few days before and it’s the only reason why I can say I was able to reach that level as I’m currently back down to under 1600. To the common folk, you’re probably a 1,000 rating. 1800 is better than 98% of the chess players on To go from smart to stupid…hurts. Especially when there is no explanation other than drugs.