Being wrong in Among Us is the equivalent of being on a torture rack and hearing “one more turn”. It’s not the death turn that’s going to tear you in half, but you feel pain in every inch of your body. Not only are you upset at yourself, but the 7 other crewmates are also thinking you’re a complete dumbass, and usually, rightfully so. There is no where to hide on the Zoom call and you have to sit with your foolishness until the next game starts and you can pass the feeling on to the next idiot. Here’s what happened.

There are 5 people left and only 1 imposter. This should be an auto win for the crew as the task bar is nearing completion. We play Skeld and the O2 was called. I head over to the lower one and I see Blady complete it and I run over to the other. Blady follows me and I get to the 02 first and there are 4 people right in that vicinity. As I finish the 02 I see the kill happen and the body is called a split second after I see the death animation. We go into the meeting and I’m expecting Blady or Lentz to see the exact same event take place I did. Blady starts talking about how he cleared both 02’s which I found odd because I cleared the 2nd one. I mention that I saw the kill happen and Lentz says he saw it too. Blady and Sam didn’t see any action and this is where I made a fatal mistake with 4 people. You never vote at 4 unless you are 100% sure. From my perspective, I saw Blady right next to the kill and Lentz was confirming that. With 1 task left, my shields, all we had to do was not vote off the wrong person. Instead of playing smart, I wanted to be the hero and go with my gut of what I was sure I saw. Sure enough, the worst feeling ever occurs when you vote off the wrong person and the game continues. I try to scoot to shields but the doors in the cafeteria were called and Sam called a press conference wisely. Unfortunately, he had his mind made from the round before that I wouldn’t have known how many seconds were left on the countdown unless I was the imposter. At that time, there was literally nothing I could say that wouldn’t have sounded like I was trying to convince him that I wasn’t the imposter which I’ll touch on at the end. The game concluded by me voting Lentz immediately to prove my innocence but Sam wasn’t having any shenanigans and voted me off to lose the game. It was heart breaking having Ian tell me I’m a fucking idiot and I should have finished my task which was completely correct. It hurts because Ian’s the guy you leave alive when you want to win as imposter.

I tell that story because there are 2 lessons to learn. Playing smart is better than going with your gut in key moments. I thought I knew what I saw, but it happens so fast, and there are colors everywhere that to be certain was near impossible. With a single task left, voting the wrong person off was a devastating blow to the crew’s chances. I will not vote off at 4 any longer.

To analyze the final voting which I would like to think if I was a good enough player, I could come up with a reason to prove my innocence, but the damage was already done. When they say it takes years to build a strong relationship and a single instance can damage it is 100% true. Once I lead the charge to vote off the wrong person, I was toast. Sam couldn’t look like a fool by such an obvious betrayal of trust that this is the nature of politics. Once trust is betrayed, it doesn’t matter what the other party does to try to gain it back. It’s another lesson to learn and to be ever so careful in not making this mistake, not only in Among us, but life. Who would have thought you could learn so much from a simple game.