Disclaimer – I know nothing about what I’m posting.

I had previously heard about Nessa from the Barstool BFF pod. I don’t listen to this podcast, but I hear bits and pieces through their previews. Dave Portnoy is the only barstool character that I follow and his attempt at earning the younger demographic was doing a podcast with Josh Richards (I have no clue who he is or why he’s popular). I do find their “who is this” content entertaining, but I have no interest in their created drama…until I watched this.

This is Alexandra Cooper (the annoying Call Her Daddy host) interviewing some girl who was crying and said that Jxdn (who spells like this) likes Nessa which means nothing to me.

I then clicked on @madslewis Instagram and saw she had 5 million followers which seems like a lot. Then I checked Nessa who also has 5 million followers. On Nessa’s Instagram, I saw she had made a music video which I clicked on. What I saw was the saddest display of a career that I’ll delve into.

A Money Grab

I haven’t seen worse lip syncing since Ashlee Simpson on SNL. Doe she eve pretend to fake it? Plus, why is Travis Barker doing this? Then I started asking does she have any talent at all? At least Britney Spears danced around. She stands around. This is a money grab by an influencer which is understandable but sad because there is no passion. And the music? Sounds like a poor Billie Eillish or a worse Selena Gomez. It’s an assembled Trio of names for a cash grab. I would short her career? For her sake, I hope she proves me wrong.

Does this look like a girl having fun?

That’s the look I give when I have to public speak and I didn’t prepare a speech. Why am I being critical? Because, it seems to me, she doesn’t want to do this and people pretend to like the music. Do you think anyone asks her, do you want to do this? This is how I envision the conversation between her manager and her or her parents.

Manager – “We can make a lot of money.”

Nessa – “Great. What do we have to do?”

Manager – “With 5 million Instagram followers…no much. We’ll put out a single and all you need to do is look pretty and not look miserable.”

Nessa – “What if I am miserable?”

Manager – “It doesn’t matter. None of that matters.”

This is what this girl was born to do. Selfie!