This video encompasses generational mentalities. The young fitness influencer meets a man who doesn’t give a shit.

Influencers Influencing

The shift in an online avatar becoming more important than a real life persona will continue to trend. It’s inevitable because as technology makes the worlds smaller and faster, people adapt to what helps them survive. What’s so good about having 5 true friends instead of a 100,000 fake friends? This question will continue as numbers mean more than emotions. It’s a data driven world. It’s wonderful when these opposing generations collide because it produces videos like above.

Oddly, without much realization, I’m a part of the old fogies. I built a successful career based on work ethic and honesty over decades. I don’t think life offers many easy roads to success and I’m happy that I don’t rely on social media because it’s where the people who aren’t working spend most of their time.