Some Free Time

I’ve had some free time lately as I’m not traveling. Considering I spent more than half of March away from home, having 5 days at work, and then also home each night, there is a need to fill a few hours of free time. There are thousands, probably millions, of activities to do in the world, and I’ve done a lot of them throughout my life. I watch shows, movies, play Chess, exercise, and all the other routines I’ve developed and I asked myself, are you done with these?

Which brings me to this Steve Jobs clip I watched this morning. What he is describing is what my primary life is on a day to day basis. As a small business owner, everyday I’m polishing rocks so that they look nice at the end of the cycle. When you’ve polished the rocks for so many years, the rocks may already be pretty polished, but you keep polishing them more even if they’re very polished.

Where “designing the product is keeping 5,000 things in your brain, these concepts, and fitting them all together…” When your brain is constantly cycling through these 5,000 things (making the business successful), it makes it difficult to sit down and read another book about how to be successful, when you’ve already read 100 books on the topic. Yet, you compare that to wasting time doing nothing like watching TV, and you’re picking and choosing your productivity level. When I travel, I don’t have to think like this because the world isn’t your routine.

Which brings me to this paragraph which is another, “what am I getting at in this post?” I hate when this happens, but like Mr. Beast’s advice on content creation, do it 100 times and get a little better each time. I’ve posted thousands of posts and still stink, so I’m calling bullshit. What I wanted to get at when I started this post was how the older you get, and the more you do an activity, it gets a little less interesting.