I stay away from football posts because no one cares about your fantasy team. This week though I will be executing a betting scheme that involves blind faith instead of logic. Lately, I’ve been getting crushed gambling. I’m talking winning 3 of my last 29 bets in November. 21 of these bets have been at plus odds if that gives you any idea of the types of bets I’ve been trying to hit. Either way, I’m the mush man as of late. You can’t get back to even (I have a long way to go) unless you keep betting and I’ll explain the plan.

Joe Burrow to Ja’marr Chase is a connection on a few of my fantasy teams. They play the Steelers this week who gave up 41 points to the Chargers last week. Roethlisberger is washed and the Bengals have a solid defense to apply pressure. I’ll be taking all bets that involve the Bengals winning and scoring. Unfortunately it’s -3.5 currently, but I’ll be on Chase +750 1st TD, Chase +650 to score 2 TD’s, and Burrow over 251.5 passing yards. I need them to go nuclear.

This strategy is called the dig up strategy. You leave no room for error and you look like an idiot if the game ends up 10-7. Fortunately for me, I’m prepared to take the damage. With the Dow dropping 900 points on Friday, and more to come, my sports gambling is a walk in the park compared to “investing”. Although my stock picks are more gambling anyhow. I’m down a quick grand on UAVS after buying about 8 bulks of shares starting at $2.90. We’re back in it together, Bill. I did short Rivian though and feel pretty good about it tanking. Now I only need Meta to shit the bed and if you read my last post, if you can’t trust the company, it should fail. Money is secondary to purpose and hopefully my purpose of making money becomes primary.