Bowling being over will free up nights of my week for the summer. Getting wrapped up in 2 leagues was 2 much 2 handle for 2 seasons. The fun factor vs the opportunity cost of free time or other activities is not there. I can move on to greener pastures. I’ll note I was unable to bowl in either playoffs and both my teams lost last week in my abscence. Who says they can do it without me?

What To Do?

Golf – I’m going to take another lesson to start the season and then try to put in 2 days a week practicing and play once each weekend. I’d expect to get under a 10 handicap by September. If I took 3 ft putts, I’d already be a 10, so I have a feeling it’ll go low fast. I also intend to continue to travel to golf destinations like Hawaii, Orlando, Scottsdale, and Scotland. I can’t think of more fun activities in life.

Dating – I signed up for Match, and paid the subscription, so it gives me a little more reason to use it. I’ve accomplished all I want to in life aside from a family. I’ve dedicated 18 years to the business and it’s more than enough to sustain. People have made me President of associations, bowling leagues, golf leagues, and there’s nothing more I need to prove to myself and internally I can say I’ve done it. It’s time to explore this part of life with no distractions. I’m sure this blog will be a great soundboard from the experiences.

Photoshop – There’s a science to marketing that I can’t get away from and I enjoy putting a good message through an image. If it doesn’t look quality, it fails, so I have to keep pushing my skills learning how to create and maybe I’ll look into photography. Unfortunately, this is more passive than active activity, and it’s not truly my style. Sitting behind a computer being a nerd is already happening when I play chess.