I golfed Friday, broke 100, and blogged about it. Bill naturally tried to downplay my amazing round.

So what did I do? I went out again the next day and broke 100, AGAIN!

Yesterday, Gourlay, Dale, Vince and I played at Westwood, (another easy course, but longer than Melrose), and I put on another incredible display of how to just barely break 100. Since I’ve been there done that, I don’t need to give the same level of detailed recap as my previous post.

If anything, this could’ve been closer to 90 than 100. I was +12 on my last 5 holes vs. +16 on the first 13 holes to finish at exactly 99 again!

Gourlay was an impressive 95, so our rates of improvement are insane. Moving forward breaking 100 won’t be post worthy. Thanks for the motivation Bill!