I’m a Republican. Individuality and meritocracy are top priorities. Capitalism is not an enemy, but a motivator. However, this does not make me reject opinions from democrats. I support pro-choice for instance. I’m sure if you gave me a list of values I could find ones that I support on both sides. This opinion to not allow both sides in is where America is devaluing itself.

To say, “I will not budge from my stance”, which I read often when democrats and republicans argue over the infrastructure budget, is not conducive to compromise. The far left (critical race theory, Antifa, Communism) and far right (Fascism, Neo-Nazis) will not budge their goal posts and this is unacceptable.

I’ll present issues that people generalize an entire party with. If only it were that simple. The idea to see extreme viewpoints, have a civil discourse about the positives and negatives, and then take action on what’s the most beneficial to society, is what both sides have stopped doing. It’s time to rein it in.

Antifa Teacher Brainwashing Students in CA

This is a teacher in California who admits to legitimately recruiting high school students to be part of Antifa. This should scare any parent who has children whose school board allows this to happen.

What got wild is that they live streamed the school board meeting last night where parents dismantled the board. Skip to 51 minutes.

The board put out a letter saying that the teacher is being fired. What isn’t clear is whether the entire board will be removed and what type of law suits will come from this as it happened under their nose. Parents have the right to be pissed by this far left academia. This is a legitimate problem and should give pause to those that don’t understand what Antifa (socialism) looks like. Perhaps the actual parents of that clip give meaningful context to the problem in this country when you allow this to happen.

Critical Race Theory

This man is the argument against critical race theory. He’s saying CRT is not a woe is me, we’re inferior, we need help. Examples like this should be inspirational to those around who dwell on the past and expect retributions. It shows hard work is what gets you places in the world and it doesn’t matter what your skin color is. This doesn’t dismiss what happened in the past, it just doesn’t say that the best way to solve the future is to relive the past over and over.

Ben Shapiro and Malcolm Nance on Critical Race Theory

I’d shit my pants if I had to get in a debate with Ben Shapiro. He’s a walking encyclopedia who is bred to whoop ass debating using facts. The opposition is Malcolm Nance who uses the standard defense of insulting without saying much. What’s even more laughable is that Nance has benefitted from the system tremendously. When you align yourself with people who are hypocritical (he’s profiting off of his book), it should be alarming. To come away after watching these two thinking that Shapiro is the enemy is what boggles my mind. Also, the audience clapping is bizarre and makes it lack reality.

Seth MacFarlane Blames Trump

It’s not fair to say that what happened in California for 1 teacher is a catch all for every school district in America. The Washington Post put out a story of Anti-Vaxxers bullying healthcare workers at a vaccine site into shutting down. MacFarlane uses the “Trump effect” to bring attention to a democracy that is failing.

I’m fully against bullying a vaccine site into shutting down. As an American, it’s your choice to get vaccinated. I also believe it’s your choice not to get vaccinate. Taking hardline stances that “you know best” is a good way to look foolish. Even something as dumb as “everyone needs to be vaccinated” can make you look idiotic if 5 years later the vaccine’s side effect literally kill you. How can you argue that you absolutely know what’s right and wrong when it comes to this issue when people are making decisions flying by the seat of their pants for billions of people? But the data… I’m fully supportive of making decisions using data as long as the data isn’t being made to say what you want it to say.

2 Sides

I present this post from my viewpoint. I don’t like seeing this country this way. Where people look at one side as right and the other as wrong. Both sides can have legitimate viewpoints, but it’s those damn goal posts. It’s hard to define ranges when you make a statement like “white people benefitted from slavery”. Arguing against it makes you look inhumane. That goal post can stretch as far as you want. This is why we need to reign in the limits and start coming to further compromise about these issues. Schools shouldn’t actively teach communism. Minorities have the ability to find success in this system. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk can colonize Mars if they want to. Let’s bring those goal posts in.